10/10/2011 – Thank You

Thank you to all the Brainy Bytes families that have stood by our side for the past several weeks. So many of you have asked to know about Sean’s surgery and recovery that I have decided (and Sean has requested) to share it here. Don’t worry….your favorite teacher’s aide will be back in action in no time!! 🙂

On Oct 6th I took Sean, our then 14-year-old son, to Scottish Rite to get a CT scan of his sinuses. We thought an acute sinus problem was causing his terrible headaches for the past several months. What we found out instead turned our world upside down. He had a 6cm tumor in the lower portion of his brain that was all but completely blocking the flow of fluid from the brain. By Tuesday the following week he was in surgery. Below are the updates shared throughout the past weeks.

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