10/20 – 10/24/11- Almost Home

10/20/11 – 12:56pm

Hello all,

I can’t believe I am sending out another update! But here we are, back at Scottish Rite. Sean started to run a fever and by late last night we were admitted into the same room WE JUST LEFT. After blood test showed his white blood count way out of whack (proof of an infection somewhere) they had to do a spinal tap. 🙁 The good news is the first results of the tap show no “germs growing in the fluid” so that leans the doctors towards “Chemical Meningitis”. A second test will confirm this tomorrow morning.

Chemical Meningitis is something that can occur after a surgery on the brain or spine. I am not going to provide any web links this time because my doctor suggested I NOT go online, he said that junk will just scare me for no reason. (I like that guy) I can tell you the very short version of what he told us though, we will need to put Sean on a strong regiment of antibiotics and keep up the steroids (AAHHHHH!) for a few days. Translated that mean he will eventually get over this but he needs to stay here for at least another night or two. My understanding is that this is less severe than a bacterial meningitis and the threat of long-term effects is minimal if any.

Needless to say, Sean is feverish and very achy. Today we are just trying to keep him comfortable (with the help of a few drugs) and let him sleep this off. He is so amazing, I keep waiting for him to break-down already but he doesn’t…. which makes me look really bad because I have about 20 times now!!!

I know all your prayers have helped him get this far, please keep them coming so God can continue to carry him (and us) through this. Thank you for all that you are doing for our family, I know I have said this before but we truly do draw strength from your words, prayers and actions.

God Bless!

Ena, Mark Sean & Leah

PS: This morning we had to move rooms because the construction noise on the floor above was driving us all crazy… guess what…. the construction work followed us to the other side of the wing!!!


10/21/11 – 10:35

We made it through another day.

Just wanted to drop a quick note because I know so many of you have been trying to contact us. Sean is slowly getting better. We had some really good moments today and unfortunately some really bad ones as well. I think this meningitis crap has caused him more pain than the brain surgery! The day is ending on a up note (I hope) so I am positive about tomorrow.

So many of you have asked what you can do or bring and it is such a comfort to know everyone is there. Please know that your prayers and thoughts are enough right now. However…. I am brewing up a little home coming surprise I would like to do for Sean. I will let you know more as soon as I find out when we are going to get out of here.

Many of you have also asked about Leah. She is a great little sister and for the most part is doing ok with all this. She has moments when she is the little nurse and tends to Sean’s every need and then she has moments when she is totally over it all. What can you expect… she is 9! She spent all day today with the volunteers in the art room and loved it. She constantly ask if it is ever going to be “like it was before”. My go to answer….. who knows, with God’s help it may even be better! 🙂

A dear friend, and one of the leaders in Sean’s drama club, set up a facebook group for Sean. Here is the link if you would like to join. She is posting all my updates and many have left wonderful messages for him. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/220288148033662/

Sean is sleeping soundly now and I need to try to do the same while I can.


Ena, Mark, Sean & Leah


10/24/11 – 8:07am

Hi everyone,

Ok, so the doctors are trying to decide if we can go home today and finish the antibiotics there (they have to be administered by a home nurse) or if we should to stay here for two more days to finish them out. Let’s pray they go with today…. Sean and I both are starting to feel the walls closing in around us!

He is doing much better. We were out and about the hospital quite a bit yesterday in the wheelchair which was nice and helped the day go by faster. The staples were removed yesterday and now you can’t even tell where the incision is (they didn’t cut his hair for the surgery). His only complaint is his legs and feet are killing him and he can’t sleep with the constant pain…. a symptom of the meningitis that might take days/week to end.

With our “departure” date always changing I wasn’t able to plan our welcome home surprise but I promise we will find a way to celebrate Sean’s recovery with all his friends and family. 🙂 Many of you have asked about visiting once we get home. He would LOVE that! Give us the first day to get settled in and then we should be fine. I recommend calling first to see how he is feeling.

Pray for good news today and I will keep you posted!


(PS We finally made it home this day!)

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