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Brainy Bytes: Leading STEM Education Company in USA



Since 2010, Brainy Bytes has introduced thousands of children to STEM Education with fun and innovative lesson plans that can’t be found anywhere else. Most Importantly, our unique, cross-curricular lesson plans focus not only on science, technology, engineering, and math but also language and creative arts.

Experience hands-on/minds-on programs created to encourage student engagement and enhance critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. WE ARE STEM and we know how to ignite a passion for learning in your child, student and community.

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Whether you’re a PARENT looking for programs in your area, an ENTREPRENEUR wanting to make a difference, or an EDUCATOR seeking STEM resources, Brainy Bytes can meet your needs. 

Cultivate Potential

We understand the importance of cultivating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) skills to encourage higher achievments.

In-Class & Online

Whether in the classroom or online, our unique project-based lesson plans are specifically created to encourage student-engagement and collaboration.

Foster Skills

Each course feed effortlessly into the next, allowing students to “level-up” their abilities and learn valuable STEM skills they can carry with them throughout their academic career.

Have Fun!

Our highly trained and qualified instructors are experts at making STEM learning fun and creating an exciting and nurturing environment for every child.

Do More with Our STEM Education Programs


From beginner programming to mod design, we introduce coding in fun hands-on/minds-on, project-based environments. Learn what it takes to create your favorite video game, build your very own Minecraft world and so much more. Scratch Jr, Scratch, GameMaker, and CodeKingdom are just a few of the platforms you can explore to hone your skills. Enjoy multiple levels of courses for K-12.
Start Your Coding Journey


Brainy Bytes introduces a new and collaborative way to look at robotics that emphasizes the two key experimental processes, the scientific and trial and error methods. We strive to encourage critical thinking, innovation and teamwork with real world projects that spur a “try and try again” mentality that builds problem solving skills and self-confidence. LEGO, Ozobot, Buildy Bot, and Makey-Makey are some of the tools used to introduce all STEAM fields to ages 5 and up.
Explore & Invent


We have been helping students plug into their creativity since 2010. Animation, graphic design, comic book and movie making… ages 5 and up can explore these and more. This is where language arts, music and art meet STEM in an imaginative and limitless digital world.
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Strengthen your future and your neighborhood by becoming a Brainy Bytes Licensee.

We have taken our 10 years of experience as a reputable source for STEM education and created a sound, proven and replicable business structure for other business-minded individuals.

As a result, you can enjoy the support of a company with years of experience in the STEM education industry as you provide a sought after service to the schools and families of your community. Our business licensing program will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to build your business and start helping kids plugged into creativity!

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