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Homeschool Resources – LP, Brainy Bytes

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Homeschool Resources – LP, Brainy Bytes

Programs & Products To Help Enhance Your Child's Homeschool Learning!

Self-Directed Game Creation Lesson Plan

► For ages 8 – 11

► Your child will make their very own game from start to finish. Utilizing Scratch, they will be guided through the creation of a fun and addicting “infinite runner” game. They will not only code but create all their characters and backgrounds.

► Easy to read, step-by-step guide written directly to the student. 

► Written to provide them with the knowledge they need to create and code beyond the lesson! Students will learn key terminology and coding functions. Then they will put their knowledge to work with “Put It To Use” sections that reinforce what they have learned. 

►  Software download info included. (No additional cost for software.)

Cosmic Code Crusaders Board Game

► For ages 6 and up. 2 – 5 players

► Created to encourage learning with the Ozobot Robot kit (sold separately through

► Explore the cosmos with Brainy Bytes and Ozobot. Be the first to reach the finish by successfully completing the code commands.

► Box Contents: game board, playing cards and card holder, 5 game pawns

Homeschool Resources – LP, Brainy Bytes

Co-Op Resources

Homeschool Resources – LP, Brainy Bytes

Lesson Plans With Your Goals In Mind


Promote critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, ingenuity, and communication skills with hands-on, project-based lesson plans for grades K-12.


Boost creativity and self-esteem while instilling a passion for learning and STEM that they will carry with them throughout their academic career and life.


Emphasize student engagement to ensure success in all aspects of learning (and life) with cross-curricula courses that immerse students in real-world challenges.

Homeschool Resources – LP, Brainy Bytes

Curricula Resources for Homeschool Co-ops!

We understand it is not just what you teach but how you teach it. That is why student engagement, encouragement, and collaboration are at the root of all of our lesson plans.

Homeschool Resources – LP, Brainy Bytes

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