It Starts Now … Demand is Bringing More Women to STEM

2019-02-06 It Starts Now … Demand is Bringing More Women to STEM, Brainy Bytes

The future looks bright for women desiring to enter STEM careers. The demand for skills in science, technology, engineering, and math is strong and only expected to grow. Companies and communities are looking for people with these skills to innovate and solve problems.

Although STEM careers have a reputation for being male-dominated, that’s changing. Educators, companies, and non-profits are working to encourage women to pursue STEM careers. The “She Can STEM” campaign was launched in 2018 to inspire girls to pursue interests in STEM. Big players like Google, Microsoft and GE joined forces to fund the campaign. It showcases successful women in STEM who girls can look to as role models. Studies show that having a role model helps girls maintain interest in STEM.

There’s more work to be done of course, but at Brainy Bytes, we’re excited to see progress. As a woman-led company, we’re especially interested in nurturing girls’ desire to learn more about STEM. We’re proud to have women in leadership roles with CEO Ena Hackaday, CFO Donna Scheible and Curriculum Director Jennifer Grawey.

Women in STEM Careers

Once an area dominated by men, there are now several STEM career paths where women make up a sizable portion of the workforce. According to research from Minnesota State, these include database administrators, biological scientists, accountants and auditors, clinical laboratory technologists and registered nurses.

Engineering is a growth area for women and several organizations are working to bring more women to its ranks. The National Academy of Engineering launched the website to “bring national attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women.” Other organizations such as the Society of Women Engineers and Women in Engineering provide community, support, networking and ongoing education for women engineers.

Opportunities in Engineering

Engineering is often associated with building infrastructures like roads or bridges, but it encompasses a variety of fields of study. According to the Society of Women Engineers, the top 10 engineering degrees for women are:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Biomedical
  • Computer science
  • Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems
  • Electrical
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Metallurgical and Materials

Not only do engineers get to create, design and innovate, but they are typically well-compensated. Engineering careers are recognized as some of the best paying jobs for women. Civil Engineer, Computer Programmer, Engineer, Software Developer, and Computer and Information Systems Manager all made the list for the 15 best paying jobs for women in 2018. And most of the other jobs on the list were in a STEM field!

It Starts Now

Children are naturally curious and creative, so it’s important to get girls interested in STEM when they’re young. It gives them time to nurture their interest and become confident in their abilities.

At Brainy Bytes, we offer STEM classes for Kindergarten through high school. Topics include engineering, robotics, media, circuits, programming and more.

We’re also looking for entrepreneurs or educators with a passion for STEM to join our organization through licensing. Are you a fellow Woman-in-STEM? Share your excitement for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and make a difference in your community by offering technology-based courses that encourage critical thinking and collaboration.

If you have questions about our STEM courses or licensing program, don’t hesitate to call us at 770-826-0449 or email to learn more.

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It Starts Now … Demand is Bringing More Women to STEM, Brainy Bytes